A Singles’ Christmas

Now it’s usually this time of the week that Single Serve serves up a recipe for you, but as it is Christmas today I thought I’d send my best wishes to the single people out there in the world. For some of us it is not the easiest day of the year. I have run … [Read more…]

Louise on the Heritage Network Podcast

Louise was recently featured on the FEAST YR EARS program on the Heritage Network broadcasting out of Brooklyn. Click the link below to listen to the show! Louise Harper is the author of three books about cooking for one. Single Serve covers how to plan meals and make delicious recipes for one in about 20 minutes. No … [Read more…]

Louise Was on ABC Radio this Week!

Somehow, and I am not sure how it happened we here in Australia seem to have become one of the most wasteful countries on the planet. To raise awareness on this issue our national broadcaster, the ABC has launched an awareness campaign on the subject dubbed “The War on Waste. This week as part of … [Read more…]

Good news

Single Serve on the shelf at Chefs Hat Yes, Single Serve is now available at Chefs Hat, 131 Cecil St South Melbourne.  Chefs Hat is Melbourne’s most respected retail outlet for professional chefs and home cooks alike.  I am thrilled to be included among their authors. I am also thrilled to be a regular contributor … [Read more…]