Louise has self published three books specifically tailored for those who are cooking for one.

If you would like to purchase any one (or all!) of them just scroll to the bottom of the page for all the necessary links.

Single Serve


The first, Single Serve, is the essential cookbook for those who hate cooking for one.

The recipes provided as well as the hints and tips on setting up your kitchen and how to shop mean that a healthy, delicious meal for one will be ready in twenty minutes or less.

Most of the meals require only one pot and one bowl, so cleaning up is easy too.

Single Slim


These healthy recipes for singles mean you will never have to diet again.

Single Sweets


Single Sweets is a book of dessert recipes specifically designed for those who live alone.


All of Louise’s books are self published and available through Amazon.

Unfortunately the availability of soft covers, hard covers, Kindle versions etc varies based on location. (Sorry about that.)

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