Cooking for One

With the single population of the U.S rising recently to just over 50% and similar trends occurring in most other western countries around the world, it is clear that more and more people are choosing long term single life.

Unfortunately for many people choosing to stay “unattached” the issue of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regards to eating can present quite a challenge.

Cooking for one can descend into a chore very quickly especially if the results you are getting are not particularly exciting.

It can be hard to stay motivated when it seems that everything around you is designed for the family unit or at the very least, couples.

In the “Single” series I have created a range of recipes which tick all the boxes for being simple to prepare, easy to execute while at the same time, healthy and delicious. Most importantly the recipes, ingredients, quantities and equipment used have been developed for a “one serve” model instead of adapting existing recipes designed for 4, 6 or even more.

Now you can enjoy making and eating meals just for you.

Feel free to check out (and try!) my free recipes all accessible through the menu on the right hand side of this site.